Our Story

Stony Mountain Ranch is a small family owned and operated farm tucked away in the hills of Schuylkill County, PA.  We moved to our farm in 2008 with a desire to live closer to nature and to raise our family of 8 children in a healthy and wholesome environment caring for animals and plants the way God intended as stewards of the earth.  

We developed an interest in Piedmontese Beef by accident in 1997 when we purchased a whole beef for our freezer from a local farmer who told us almost apologetically that it was part Piedmontese. We had no idea what that meant, but it turned out to be the best beef we had ever eaten. We never found any again.  

When we moved to our farm in 2008 with the desire to get into some wholesome food production, our memories were stirred about that good beef we had had. Upon further research, we discovered that the Piedmontese breed of cattle is indeed very special - and blessed we were to have tasted it! We pursued getting a few and acquired our first five head of cattle in May of 2009. In December 2009 we had an opportunity to purchase a herd of about 30 Piedmontese breeding animals and their calves. We moved forward and today are breeding and raising Piemontese cattle on our own farm and surrounding rented pasture.  

From beef, our little farm has grown a lot. We now also raise pastured pork, pastured chicken, and all natural eggs. Our farm focus is production of the very best in nutritious, delicious and healthy grass based proteins.  We strive to be excellent stewards of our land resources and our animals with natural methods of care in everything we do. All of the children get to help in caring for our animals which also include horses, goats and of course the family dogs. We love our farm and we love producing wholesome food that can bless others.